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At-Home UTI Test Kit

Instant, accurate, low cost testing. Access prescription treatment. All from the comfort of your own home.

  • Use by yourself, at home

  • Results recognised by medical professionals

  • Faster access to treatment

  • Available from trusted retailers

Access treatment

Accurate results

Includes 2 tests

Free mobile app

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Use the UTI test kit paired with TestCard’s simple app to get precise results instantly.

If your results show that you need medical advice, you’ll have the option to go straight through to our pharmacy or online doctor partners, who will prescribe the treatment you need. If you prefer, you can choose to share your results with your GP or pharmacy.

  • Companion app

    Uses the power of your smartphone - available on both iOS and Android platforms

  • Optional treatment

    Access to treatment services from Dears Pharmacy, Superdrug Online Doctor and other leading healthcare providers

  • Share your results

    Immediate results, which can be shared with your healthcare professional

  • Private

    Discreet at-home testing with results as accurate as a test performed in a clinic

Symptoms of a UTI

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How can you tell if you have a UTI?

These are the common symptoms of UTIs in adults:

  • Needing to urinate more frequently and more urgently than usual
  • A burning sensation or discomfort when you pee
  • Pain in the abdomen, accompanied by a sickly and tired feeling
  • Getting up to pee in the night
  • Stronger smelling urine or a colour change appearing darker or cloudy, like apple juice
  • Vaginal irritation or discharge
  • Tiredness

When you have symptoms of a UTI it’s important to take a urine infection test and seek treatment to avoid serious health complications, like a kidney infection. A TestCard UTI test shows you a straightforward answer and tells you if you need UTI treatment.

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Can you test for a UTI at home?

Yes, you can. TestCard offers discreet at home UTI testing with results as accurate as a test performed on a fixed terminal scanner widely used in hospitals and clinics around the world. This can save you the delay of waiting for an appointment and then waiting while a sample is sent away to a lab for analysis. You can take a TestCard UTI test at a time and a place that suits you, including if you’re a carer supporting someone else.

Getting Treatment

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When should I seek treatment for a UTI?

You should seek treatment as soon as your TestCard UTI test shows a positive result.

The TestCard results screen will tell you if you’re likely to have a UTI and offers you the option to link straight through to treatment with our pharmacy and online doctor partners. They’ll review your results and prescribe the right antibiotics if you need them, then send them to your door the next day or arrange for you to collect them.

You can also choose to share the detailed results screen from the TestCard app with your healthcare provider or GP.

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When should I see a doctor for a UTI?

If you have a fever or uncontrollable shivering, pain in the flank areas of your back or are vomiting, these are signs of a possible severe urine infection that should be checked urgently in person. You should contact your GP out of hours service immediately or phone 111 to get advice about your treatment.

If you are experiencing recurring UTIs and the symptoms are concerning you, it’s important to talk to your GP or healthcare provider about treatment options. TestCard can give you the information you need to make discussions with your doctor more straightforward. You are able to save your results history including detailed medical information securely in your TestCard account. This will help the decision-making process between you and your doctor around treatment options.

Easing the Symptoms

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How do I get relief from a UTI?

There are ways you can prevent or get relief from a UTI.

  • Drink plenty of water to try to flush the infection out
  • Wear cotton underwear that’s loose-fitting
  • Make sure to pee after sex
  • Don’t hold in your urine, make sure you pee when the urge takes hold!

Sometimes, these home remedies aren’t quite enough and you may need medical help. Taking a UTI test will help you to decide what to do.

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How long does a UTI last?

For most people, the entire experience should be over in a week. The really uncomfortable symptoms shouldn’t last more than one or two days after starting a series of antibiotics. It’s important to finish the entire round of antibiotics even if you feel better. Otherwise, the infection can return and take even longer to cure.

Woman using mobile phone to scan testing strip

Taking the Test

The UTI test kit is postcard size and contains two testing strips. It works like a dipstick test and the free smartphone app scans the test strip in the same way as a scanner in a lab.

Simply collect a urine sample, dip the UTI test strip in, then use the smartphone app to scan your results. The TestCard results screen will tell you if you’re likely to have a UTI and offer you the option to link straight through for treatment.

The results are completely private and secure - you’re the only person who can decide if you want to share them with your doctor.

Using the TestCard UTI test kit is easy. Just follow the four simple steps in the app.

How TestCard Works

Close up of mobile device and UTI results screen

Innovative Technology

Use the power of your phone for detailed results.

The TestCard app uses the power of your smartphone and clinical scanning technology called colorimetry. It works in the same way as analysis completed in a lab using a fixed terminal scanner (used in hospitals and clinics around the world).

The UTI test results screen will show you if you have a positive result and offer you the option to link straight through for treatment.

Close up of app and advanced results screen

There is also a detailed urinalysis results screen that shows the levels of nitrites, leukocytes and pH in your urine, which can all indicate an infection. This is the medical information your healthcare provider needs to plan your treatment and prescribe the medication you need.

How To Use a UTI Test Kit

Using TestCard is easy,
just follow the simple steps

Step 1 / 4

Before you get started

Have your TestCard test kit ready. You’ll also need a clean container to collect your sample. Tear open the pouch and hold the test strip at the top and we’ll use your camera to scan the QR code.

This tells the app which type of test you’re taking.

Step 2 / 4

Take the Test

Dip the testing strip into your sample briefly. Ensure the strip is wet above all of the squares but below the ‘max wet’ line.

Step 3 / 4

Scan the Strip

While holding the testing strip at the top, scan using the app. Align the strip to the blue guides on the screen.

Testcard app results and details screen

Step 4 / 4

Your result is ready!

And you can choose to share your results with a health professional if you want to, speeding up your route to treatment.

Recommended by Customers Testimonials

TestCard’s innovative technology has helped thousands of people feel better, faster. Here is a sampling of testimonials from real TestCard customers to tell you in their own words how our product has helped them.

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“Easy and quick”

This test was brilliant. It was easy and quick using the app and I was able to let my GP know that I had a positive result and was given medication. I would definitely use this method again.


“Brilliant idea”

What a great idea. Having been a sufferer of UTIs for years, I am reassured to have a testcard on hand, for immediate diagnosis, saving having to wait for a doctors appt, or head to A&E. Easy to use, fast, and accurate.

Ms P.L. Sheldon


Relief. Pure relief. Thank you. Superdrug is as much to thank here as they really came through for me. Ordered the test & treat service on Thursday evening, tested and treatment began before midday Friday. All sorted.



Great product, fantastic idea, easy to use, reassuring to have one spare for emergencies. Great idea, will definitely recommend to everyone!


“Gave me peace of mind”

The testcard was quick and easy to use and the result was fast and gave me peace of mind to contact my doctor. At the moment as there is no face to face consults would definitely recommend this to people.


“Life changing”

Why have we not had this before? It’s life changing. I struggle with getting UTI checks with my GP and this has just made everything so much easier. Really good service from these guys too.