TestCard is an award winning medtech enterprise.

TestCard is an at-home testing solution that provides immediate results at a low cost. TestCard is a combination of a non-invasive urine test kit embedded into a postcard, with an accompanying mobile application that turns a mobile phone’s camera into a clinical grade scanner.


Senior Leadership

George Sutherland


In addition to his role as Chairman of TestCard, George is the CEO of Sutherland Health Group, a leading innovator and supplier to the NHS and medical sector for 20 years. George previously headed up management and sales roles for Bristol-Myers Squibb; Chesebrough Ponds; Unilever; Mates Healthcare Ltd and Ansell. George’s company has historically been a leading provider of diagnostics in both the private and public health sector spaces and continues to own a number of brands supplying the NHS.

Dr Andrew Botham

Co-Founder & CSO

Andrew was formerly Head of Research & Development for ACM Global Laboratory, later moving to become the Head of Laboratory testing at the department of blood sciences within the NHS (Biochemistry, Haematology, Immunology, Pre-analytical, Point of Care testing and Phlebotomy) in East Yorkshire, where he oversees the control and maintenance of blood science analytical services across all hospital sites.

Luke Heron

Co-Founder & CEO

Luke began his career at the British stockbroker Smith New Court, later acquired by Merrill Lynch before working with financial services startup Insensia Plc. Luke has written for many financial publications including iii, the Financial Times, The Herald and the Investors Chronicle, focusing on early stage bio-pharmaceuticals and technology businesses. Previously the founder of multiple iOS games and the chart-topping postcard app ‘ByPost’.

Chris Hewitt


Chris is the lead UX designer for TestCard, the diagnostic product design and mobile application. Additionally, he heads up the TestCard app development team. Chris was a co-founder of the award-winning Edinburgh based web agency ‘Piranha’.

Atanas Tonchev

Lead Developer

Previously to leading TestCard’s development team, Atanas co-founded the app development firm App Factory and was also the founder of ‘Restaurant Week’; a niche restaurant booking and marketing tool focused on Eastern European markets.

Lance Nelson

Client Support Officer

Lance was formerly an investment banker at Barclays Corporate in London, prior to which he was an account manager for GE Capital. Later pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors of his own; Lance was most notably the founder of the well-known ski blog ‘BanskoBlog.com’.