TestCard.com Immediate Results in Hand...

TestCard is a medtech enterprise that has created a ‘Postcard’ with an embedded, pull-out urine test. Meanwhile, an accompanying mobile app provides an immediate result.

A healthcare solution
that lets you know
immediate results.

TestCard enables an individual to take ownership of their health, making laboratory level information accessible and painless and thus enfranchising the individual and ultimately democratising healthcare.

Immediate Camera Analysis.

TestCard is a revolutionary urinalysis system, which combines the accuracy of medical lab tests with the latest in mobile technology.

The user simply applies urine to the tear-out strip (applicator) embedded in the postcard and, using the TestCard app, holds their mobile device above the TestCard enabling the app to deliver an immediate result. Simple for the end user, effective and instantaneous.

Clear Guidance

Medical jargon is confusing and can cause further patient anxiety, therefore TestCard delivers a clear interpretation of results in language that is easily understood.

Immediate Results

Given the natural tendency of the patient/consumer to delay health monitoring and screening through conventional doctor visits, TestCard fills a growing gap in the healthcare market.

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