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How it Works

At Home UTI Test
Instant, accurate & low-cost results

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TestCard is a simple pouch holding a set of test strips.

Coupled with a smartphone app, it provides immediate, medical grade test results from the comfort of your own home

  • Accessible to all

    The low-cost testing kit is available online & on the high street

  • Fast

    Results are delivered immediately and can be shared with your healthcare professional

  • Accurate

    Uses the power of your smartphone to provide accurate results

  • Free app on:

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TestCard is Easy to Use
Anywhere, Anytime

  • Urinary tract infection product pouch and test strips
    Compact Pouch

    Buy the compact pouch online or at one of our retail partners

  • TestCard app screen Step 1
    Easy to Use App

    Download the app for free and follow the simple on screen advice

  • TestCard UTI Strip
    Take the Test

    You can choose when or where you take the test. It’s private, easy and discreet.

  • TestCard app results screen
    Instant Results & Advice

    Instant, clear yes or no result. Our tailored on screen messages help guide you on next steps, including how to get treatment.

How To Use a UTI Test Kit

Using TestCard is easy,
just follow the simple steps


Step 1:

Before you get started

Have your TestCard test kit ready. You’ll also need a clean container to collect your sample. Tear open the pouch and hold the test strip at the top and we’ll use your camera to scan the QR code.

This tells the app which type of test you’re taking.

Step 2:

Take the Test

Dip the testing strip into your sample briefly. Ensure the strip is wet above all of the squares but below the ‘max wet’ line.

Step 3:

Scan the Strip

While holding the testing strip at the top, scan using the app. Align the strip to the blue guides on the screen.


Step 4:

Your result is ready!

And you can choose to share your results with a health professional if you want to. Speeding up your route to treatment.

Testcard app results and details screen

Who Is TestCard For?

Anybody can use TestCard. It’s our mission to make accurate testing more accessible across the world. We want to help people with existing symptoms to get accurate testing much quicker than they can through traditional routes.

It is our aim to work in partnership with healthcare providers, to help minimise appointments and save healthcare professionals precious time. We believe slow access to tests means slow access to help.

Our product pipeline is ambitious. Alongside a UTI Test Kit, we’re working to develop a malaria test, a test for pregnancy and ovulation as well as glucose screening. We’ve got lots of other tests in our plan too, so watch this space!

Urinary tract infection product pouch and test strips

UTI Test

Urinary Infection Test

  • Accurate results in 2 mins

  • Share with healthcare professionals

  • Includes 2 UTI test kits

  • Free delivery on all orders

Glucose product pouch and test strips

At-home Glucose Kit

Glucose, Ketones, Protein

  • Accurate results in 2 mins

  • Share with healthcare professionals

  • Kit includes 2 tests

  • Free delivery on all orders

Malaria product pouch and test strips


Urine Malaria Test

  • Fast, accurate results

  • Share with healthcare professionals

  • Kit includes 2 tests

  • Fast Worldwide Delivery

iOS and Android devices displaying TestCard UTI Test

Download the free app

Use with our at-home test kit**

  • Use with our at-home test kit

  • Use as a guest or create an account

  • Take tests offline

  • Clear, shareable results in seconds

**Check your device is compatible. See supported devices here