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How accurate are the results?
Really accurate - our tests are professional standard, the same as the test your doctor’s laboratory does. TestCard's technology is proven to deliver a greater level of reliability - proven in a pilot study that pitted TestCard against fixed terminal scanners (used in hospitals and clinics around the world).
How do I order a test?
Our first products will be available to order on our website beginning this summer.
How does it work?
The TestCard app uses the power of your smartphone to read something called colourimetry. Laboratory technicians today use colourimetry to determine these test results. Our app is actually more accurate than the human eye at seeing changes in the colours on the testing strip!
I’m a carer, is TestCard suitable for my patients?
Yes, it’s suitable for anyone experiencing symptoms and already thinks they need to take a test. Using a TestCard in the comfort of your home or preferred setting can reduce the risk of moving frail patients.
Is my medical data safe?
Yes absolutely. Your personal information is encrypted on your device with a unique key. It’s your choice to share them with your health professional or to keep them private.
What is a TestCard?
A TestCard is a simple pouch holding a set of medical testing strips. Coupled with a smartphone app, it provides immediate, medical grade test results from the comfort of your own home.
What type of tests can I take?
Our first product will be a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) test. We’ll follow this with a Glucose test and we have more tests in development.
Who should use a TestCard?
Our tests are for anyone who’s experiencing symptoms and would like a faster route to treatment, if necessary. Visit our product pages to read more about the pre-testing symptoms for each type of test.

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